SOULJA BOY how-to crank that

I think everyone can agree the Soulja Boy dance is a phenomenon in itself. People of all ages and races can "crank dat". Heck, there is even a video of prisoners cranking the Soulja Boy — that is a definition of pop culture if I've ever seen one! I believe this dance craze is unlike any other and gives a whole new meaning to "everyone and their mom is doing it."

Aside from the fact that plenty of people already know how to do this dance, I believe it is important to know. It is something to tell your grandkids, "oh yes sonny, I used to crank dat Soulja Boy and superman dat ho back in the day."

So without further ado, here is a tutorial from Soulja Boy himself — watch it on repeat to get the full effect. I'm sure in no time flat you'll be a "cranking" fiend out at the bar.