Pop-lock-and dropping is a popular dance move that originated in St. Louis from the rapper Huey. It created quite a stir as it motivated wallflowers across the country to get out on the floor to watch the girls do this simple, yet seductive dance. Pop-lock-and-dropping-it is not to be confused with pop-lockin' which is more of a breakdance style movement. gives a brief description of the dance—for one to pop lock and drop it correctly one must first pop out their left hip, followed by their right hip, then drop it like its hot.

It is important to note that when actually performing this dance, one should "drop it" on the bass beat after the words "pop lock and drop it." It is pretty much impossible to "drop it" when instructed in the song. The bass beat is there as a signal allowing one to go ahead and well—drop.

While this dance is relatively simple, be readily prepared for a nice workout. Dancing to the whole song is just about as tiring as a step aerobics class — just be wary. With a little practice, a lot of balance and this quick-and-easy tutorial, I'm sure popping, locking and dropping will be three of your new favorite interests on Facebook.

Here is the dance as it is supposed to be done—with a little extra from a cute kid: