Whether you "look back at it", "scrub the ground" or possibly even break out a little "tootsie roll," you had to start somewhere. Personally, I think most people start at home. I know I've dedicated countless hours to dancing around in front of the mirror trying to get my body to do the most ridiculous things.

All of this is fine and dandy, except when one takes their shameless body rolling and rump shaking out in public. Historically speaking, I don't particularly think your grandmother did those types of things. Nevertheless, dancing is an expression of self! I try to support it, but a lot of times I just pass judgement. defines dance as "an art form of expression using body movements. the act of allowing yourself to connect with the music and feel the beat." Granted this is only one of the many ridiculous definitions, I thought it to be the most appropriate. Though I must admit, "The act of elaboratly flailing around your apendages in an attempt to impress or entertain someone or a group of people," runs a close second.

The bottom line is that people started dancing ages ago. I am sure that Adam and Eve did a little tango here or there. Cavemen, no doubt, flailed around like, well, cavemen. So on and so forth, until today where we gracefully crank "dat soulja boy" and "da birdwalk."

Whichever way you spin it, people will go on dancing...and naturally embarassing themselves.