Here's some advice from some so-called "experts" on various dances:

In an interview with New York Magazine, the interviewer asks Soulja Boy "What advice would you give to people with poor dance skills, who are unable to follow the video? A generation of 13-year-olds on the bar-mitzvah circuit breathlessly await your response." His response: "If you just can't dance? Man, I don't know."

BBC gives this advice to someone who claimed they can't dance: "For now, at home or round at your friends, put some music on that you like and try to figure out the beat. Once you've done that, try just walking but taking one step to each beat. When you can do that, you've got the rhythm and then steps are easy. After you get the rhythm, you can start thinking about learning a simple dance move."

Some self-proclaimed dance experts on offer some advice on dancing in a club: "NEVER look at others when you're already dancing[...], practice at home - move your body as one, and "alternate limbs"[and] copy others (from a distance).

Though I'm not a real expert, I'll offer some advice too:

  1. Practice in front of the mirror before you venture out into public
  2. Get a wingman — for pete's sake if you embarass yourself atleast you'll have someone to have your back
  3. Ease into the dance crazes — there's nothing worse than acting like you know them when you don't
  4. Be able to laugh at yourself — most likely if you are laughing, so is someone else so be careful
  5. Have fun — at least if you are making a fool of yourself, make sure you are having a good time!

And last but certainly not least, here's some advice from a dance expert if I've ever seen one: my roomate—shake it like a polaroid picture, get low in your Applebottom jeans and boots with the fur and make sure you "get silly" whenever you can.