"Walking it out" is probably my favorite dance. It's easy and fun. Watching someone try to "walk it out" that can't, also provides quite a bit of entertainment. This dance became popular with the release of DJ Unk's single "Walk it out" in 2006. According to the dance is actually called "pool palace" or "Westside walk", rather than the obvious—walk it out. Though, I have to disagree, I am no expert myself.

If you ask me, "walking it out" is pretty similar to the "twist" with a little more knee-swinging and a little less twisting. However, I wouldn't suggest asking your parents or grandparents for advice on this one just yet. Although they watched Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello on the "tube", I don't think DJ Unk would consider them pros.

This video is a pretty good example of how one should "walk it out" or whatever you choose to call it: