It has become very clear in this YouTube era that dance crazes are sweeping the nation! It's quite a nice thought to picture the whole country cranking the soulja boy and I'm sure Obama can lean and rock with the best of them. However, one blatant problem that gets thrown in my face everytime I go dancing — that girl or that guy that has no business cranking or pop-lock-and-dropping much of anything.

I am embarassed for that person who tries walking it out and looks like they are square dancing. Point blank: this site can help. I've seen the problem and I'm out to fix it. With a little help and guidance, I'm sure you'll be out wutanging it with the pros in no time flat. Just don't get carried away and start dropping and giving fifty at the dinner table, odds are it won't go over well...and I can't be held responsible. But by all means, shake what yo momma gave ya!