Waves come in many shapes and sizes depending on the weather, the sea floor, and the wind. Most waves do not break and are therefor unridable.The waves that do are caused by onshore winds and the structure of the ocean floor. When a wave breaks to the left it is called the "backdoor" and this is only known to happen three places one of which is in Hawaii.

For the most part waves break to the right and curl over themselves creating a barrell-like shape the most surfers long to find themselves inside of.

There are three basic types of waves that form from wind. Capilary waves, or ripples are the smallest and can be created by the slightest amount of wind on smooth water, they also die quickly when the wind stops. The second kind of wave created by wind are called seas. These last long after the wind dies down because of the force of gravity.

As the seas seperate from their origin they produce swells. There is also a type of wave called "monster waves" these can be up to 30' high and are usually formed in the middle of the sea. The cause of these freak waves is usually an earthquake or an underwater explosion.