Boards come in many different shapes, colors, and thicknesses. The trick to picking the best board for you is to first decide which style of riding you enjoy the most. "The thicker the board the harder to cut but the more rocker it has, " says professional surfer Billy Scarberry. "Rocker" as, Billy refers to is the boards ability to shift weight as you carve into the wave.

"Longboards are usually a couple feet taller than the rider, the longer the easier to stand up on," says Dennis Litchfield, a shaper out of Sopchoppy Florida. Basically when you stand in front of your board and hold up your hands, you should barely reach the top.

If you plan on learning tricks your board should probably include a foot grip on the nose or at the back of the board for extra stability. A leash is also a good idea to keep you from chasing your board every time the shore takes it in. The leash attches to your ankle and the board, but you should get a leash at least the size of your board so you don't feel confined.