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Where to stay and getting around

Singapore offers a wide variety of hotels ranging from 5 star hotels and boutique types to backpacker, budget and youth hostels. To find accommodation suiting your tastes and budget, do visit the Singapore Hotels Directory.

  • Do book your hotel room before hand to avoid disappointment and high rates.
  • If you arrive without having a confirmed hotel booking, you can approach the SHA counters at the Singapore Airport Terminal 1 and 2 to receive assistance in booking a hotel for your stay
  • All major credit cards are accepted by most hotels/ hostels
  • Rates may be subjected to 10% service charge and 7% GST
  • Tipping is optional but highly encouraged
  • Most hotels will have phone with International Direct Dial capabilities

Our public transportation is very efficient, comfortable and safe to use. Buses and the Mass Rapid Transit (similar to metros, known as MRT) provide economical ways to travel within Singapore. Detailed information on bus routes, MRT stations and fares can be found in the TransitLink Guide, a copy of which can be purchased at bus interchanges, MRT Stations and major bookstores. You can also access it online through www.sbstransit.com.sg for buses and www.smrt.com.sg for the MRTs. Traines Taxis are also widely available through out the island and can be flagged down at taxi stands and bus stops across the island