Fall 2008 student projects


MMC 5015

Donna Davis: Learning in the metaverse

Fang Fang Gao: Welcome international students

Jon Levy: A professional portfolio

Tracy Loope: Heart health for young adults

Paige Madsen: Teaching journalism and technical writing

Matt Meltzer: User's guide to the Miami Metrorail

Jeff Neely: Second Life in higher education

Ed Salsberry: Broadcasting on Live365


MMC 3260

Eleana Ailmchandani: Destination Singapore

Elizabeth Andrews: The art of longboarding

Marina Arnone: How to dance like nobody's watching

Nick Batty: Shooting the compound bow

Nicholas Browning: How to install and run Ubuntu Linux

Carla Buddensieg: Florida roller coasters for dummies

Beau Burroughs: Shot put guide

Allison Candreva: How to make logos in Phototosp

Morgan Carlson: How to study at UF

Jessica Chasmar: A crash course in wine tasting

Cassandra Chisholm: How to survive a zombie attack

Kelley Coggins-Anton: Coffee at home

Elizabeth Coker: Orbs in motion: the art of contact juggling

Alexandra Conti: Study guide for the GRE lit exam

Jessica DaSilva: For the love of veggies

Nicole DePrato: The basics of taking a good picture

Ana Devine: A simple guide to volleyball

Holly Downs: Light painting: Want to learn?

Amber Ehrke: How to make pie

Gabrielle Falconeiri: How to tie-dye

Jonathan Ferrante: Everything about framing

Amrita Ford: How to decorate a cake

Valerie Garman: Cartwheel tips and gymnastic tricks

Ashley Gerlach: Become a golf guru

Kaitilin Grey: Pearl perfection

Amelia Harnish: Backpack Europe

Michael Herbert: Use and maintain Taylor soft-serve machines

Ashley Herrera: Food options on the UF campus

Ashley Hoover: Growing a greener garden

Erin Hughes: How to tell if a movie will be bad or good

Jennifer Jenkins: Infrared photography: a simple guide

Laura Jervis: Totally tea: a fab tea site

Sarah Jones: How to make a traditional Puerto Rican meal

Kaela Keeley: How to change your oil

Brian Kelley: Guitar playing for beginners

Allison Kitchens: How to draw cartoon animals

Kelsi Krieger: How to be a coffee connoisseur

Laura Kubitz: Swim til the end

Morgan Lamborn: Burritos: the art of rolling

Alyson Landry: Presenting Botswana and videography

Elizabeth Leva: Make your own sangria

Nicole Linton: Photography: discover your passion

Jessica Lipscomb: Screenprinting: a how-to

Jasmine Luoma: Mastering the SLR camera

Cameron Magruder: How to play American football

Dayna Malek: The magic of Lego

Mary Mancone: Bicycle how-to

Lauren Marino: How to succeed as a UF freshman

Melissa Maroney: Top of the cupcake to ya

Amelia Marty: Nosh: Healthy cooking and eating for college students

Andrea Morgan: Sink or swim!

Jessica Newman: Guide to Gainesville cycling

Kelly Ngo: How to play guitar like a rock star

Briana O'Sullivan: Tackling rugby

Bethy Pierre: The eyes have it

Travis Pillow: The joy of homebrew

Colleen Pitrone: Getting inked: guide to a first tattoo

Sara Powell: Gingerbread houses made easy

Wade Powell: How to start a band

Katie Privett: A basket-making introduction

Ankita Rao: Yoga: an ancient practice for a modern mind

Ashlei Rayborn: Semi-automatic guns for dummies

Kellie Reinert: Learn to play the drum set

Sauntel Richardson: Soulful cooking

Kasey Roberts: How to be entertained on a budget at UF

Kathleen Rodriguez: Crashing a fraternity party 101

Rachel Rene Roy: Forbidden colour: A Sims 2 tutorial

Danielle Rushton: How to be the change you wish to see in the world

Melissa Sanchez: How to do laundry

Kristen Scheff: The world of dressage

Hunter Sizemore: Black Friday shopping guide for students

Tosha Sketo: Hookah history and how-to guide

Alex Stehr: New age venture financing in renewable energy

Ayana Stewart: Rock & Roll: a genre that unifies

Sarah Stewart: Cheesecake 101

Katherine Tschopp: The world of rowing

Alexander Turnage: The cockatiel spot

David Ventura: How-to basketball tips

Katherine Villacis: How to wear a scarf with style

Erik Voss: Frisbee: the ultimate guide

Chen Wang: Simple photo gateway

Lindsay Weaver: The quirkiness of cats

Jaime Weisser: How to train for a marathon

Ashley White: Maincures and pedicures: tip site

Max Wihnyk: Do it yourself car care

James Wilkey: Totally cubed: solve a Rubik's cube

Erin Wilson: The art of tie dye

Kehsi Wilson: How to write a book

Chris Yazbec: An inside look at Foosball

Amra Zejneli: Making Lasagna


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