Orlando Brewing Company

The perfect brewery for those who shop for groceries at Fresh Market. Located on Atlanta Avenue in Orlando, Fla., Orlando Brewing is the only certified organic brewery in Florida, meaning their ales are grown without insecticides, bioengineering or irradiation. The beer is brewed right on the premises, and is currently available in select bars and restaurants across Central Florida. The beer menu includes a blonde ale, pale ale, red ale and blackwater ale, among others. View the video at the right for more information and a tour of the Orlando Brewery.

Dunedin Brewery

Located on the West coast of Florida in the relatively small town of Dunedin, this brewery boasts live music almost every day of the week. The home-brewed beers have consistently been awarded the gold and silver medals in Best Florida Beer Championships, and received three silver medals for their wheat beer at the World Beer Championsips in 2002. Dunedin Brewery is known for some of their more unique beers, including Razzbeery Wheat beer, Apricot Wheat beer and their seasonal Christmas Farm Ale.

Tampa Bay Brewing Company

Though the building that houses the brewpub of the Tampa Bay Brewing Company looks more like an old-fashioned brick home than a brewery, it is far from one. Located in the historic Ybor City in Tampa, Fla., Tampa Bay Brewing's home is equipped to brew 12 tap beers and three cask conditioned ales. They brew nine beers on tap year-round, including the One Night Stand Pale Ale, the Redeye Ale and the Moosekiller Barley-Wine Style Ale, which matches the alcohol strength of wine. Some of their seasonal beers include Bavarian Pilsner, the "Annihilator," and the Belgium Triple, a light-bodied beer that contains a high amount of alcohol.

Florida Beer Company

With a name like this, you can bet this brewery is well-known all over Florida. The Florida Beer Company, which is located in Melbourne, Fla., is often seen at the biggest and the best beer fests in Florida, and can be found in restaurants and bars all over Florida from Tallahassee to the Florida Keys. The Florida Beer Company brews variations of their Ybor Gold beer, Hurrican Reef beer and La Tropical, which was established in 1888 and is now dubbed "Cuba's First Beer." But perhaps their most famous of all is the Key West Sunset Ale, Pilsner Light and Golden Lager beers, which are popular choices for many Florida visitors.

Big River Brewery

Drinking beer in Disney World never tasted so good. Located on Disney's Boardwalk near EPCOT, Big River Grille and Brewing Works offers a variety of award-winning beers, from ales to lagers. Some of the more recent award winners include the Czech Lager, the Southside Pilsner and the Sommerfest beer. Though Big River Brewing is not native to Florida (the brewery began in Chattanooga, Tennessee), it is the only Big River Grille and Brewing Works currently in Florida, and the only other state in the country that offers fresh-brewed Big River beers.

Big Bear Brewing Company

Boasting the longest happy hour in the Coral Springs area (11:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.), Big Bear Brewing Company always has five ales on tap, including a light beer, a red ale and their award-winning Kodiac Belgian Dubbel, a Belgian Abbey Ale that uses authentic Belgain ingredients such as cloves and banana in the brew process. Big Bear Brewing was named after the Florida black bear, which, at the time the brewery was opened in 1996, was rapidly shrinking in population. Each of the five beers brewed regularly is named after a different kind of bear, such as the Polar Light Beer and the Grizzly Red Ale. Big Bear also offers three seasonal beers, including a fruit-flavored ale that rotates fruits each month. Past flavorings have included blueberry, rasberry and peach.

Market Street Pub and Brewery

Located in downtown Gainesville, Market Street has become a popular hangout for men and women of all (legal) ages. The pub is divided into two areas, a quieter place for eating and a livelier section complete with a dance floor and often live music. As for the beer, Market Street offers an impressive variety of beers on tap, including domestics, imports and microbrews. Their hand-crafted beers include the Bull Gator, an India Pale Ale, and Gainesville Gold, an American Pale Ale that is very popular among the college crowd.

Sarasota Brewing Company

As Sarasota's first and only micro-brewery, the Sarasota Brewing Company has the responsibility of bringing great beers and a great variety of beers to Sarasota residents and visitors. Though the brewery produces just six beers at one time, the selection constantly varies from American to European style beers to a mix of both. Some of their more well-known beers include the Cobra Lite, a light golden beer with Czechoslovakian hop flavors, and the Midnight Pass Porter, a dark, robust porter made with "yeast [that] tastes like espresso laced with chocolate liqueur."