Is climbing for you?

Toned muscles, increased mental stamina, new friends. Are those reasons enough to start climbing?

Rock climbing will increase your strength and core stability as much as pumping iron at the gym, but you won't have to worry about getting bored with the repetition of curling and squatting. It will fortify all muscle groups, especially your back, arms, calves and quadriceps (you might even discover a few muscles you never knew you had).

Climbing isn't just great for your body; it increases mental muscle too. You'll strengthen your mind as you complete difficult moves and workout new beta.

Conquer your fear of heights. If you are afraid of heights, the more you climb, the easier it will be to be up high.

Rock climbing can become more than a sport or an activity, it can become a way of living. Climbing gyms are friendly atmospheres. Members form bonds to train together and travel together to climb outdoors. Start climbing and make new friends!


Injury is always a factor when exercising, and rock climbing is not exempt from that danger.

Muscle strains and sprains are common, but stretching can prevent that. Falling is also a possibility, but with the proper preparation and knowledge you can drastically reduce the chance of damage. Never lead-climb without training, make sure you are tied in properly when top-roping, and utilize a crash pad when bouldering.

There are two unpreventable "problems" that every climbing experiences. Rough, calloused hands and climbing addiction.