Equipment Advice for Florida Hunters
The type of gun used in the pursuit of ducks is largely a matter of personal preference. The three primary types are pump-action, semi-automatic and double-barrel shotguns. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, pump action shotguns are renowned for their reliability, while double-barrel shotguns offer a quicker and more accurate second shot. Semi-automatic shotguns have lower felt recoil. Regardless of the type of shotgun you choose, the most important aspect of the gun is whether it fits. A gun that fits properly will be more comfortable and more accurate to shoot, leading to greater success in the duck blind. Local shooting instructors are typically more than happy to assist with selecting a gun that will fit you properly.
A well-trained retriever can greatly enhance your duck hunting experience. However, retrievers are not suitable for all hunting conditions, and you must exercise your best judgment in selecting favorable situations for using a retriever. One of the greatest dangers for retrievers in Florida is the ever-present threat of alligators. When hunting in areas with a high population of alligators, it is often best to forego using a retriever. Aquatic vegetation can also endanger retrievers. You should exercise caution when sending your dog on a retrieve in deep water overgrown with hydrilla, or other similar aquatic vegetation. It’s always best to return home with your full complement of hunting partners, dogs included.
In order to stay safe and on the right side of the law, make sure all of your equipment is in compliance with the boating and hunting regulations so a ticket does not ruin a good day of hunting. Compiled below are photographs of common equipment used to duck hunt in Florida.
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