Cast on - the process of starting a project, to place the stitches that are to be knitted onto the needles.

Cast off- the process of finishing a knitted project that gets the knitted stitches off of the needles.

Decrease - leaving a stitch out of a row to make the row shorter

Gauge- when doing a swatch, or test pattern, the ratio of the number of stitches to a row or to an inch that you use to measure the size of your project

Increase - lengthening a row by adding an additional stitch

Joining - adding a piece of yarn to another piece of yarn or a piece of yarn to another project. This is used commonly when changing colors in a project or when yarn runs out on a project.

Knit - one of the two main knitting stitches

Make one - create a new stitch by knitting into an existing one

Nalebinding - an ancient craft which involves creating fabric from thread by making multiple knots or loops, done with a bone or wooden needle. The precursor to modern knitting.

Purl - the other main knitting stitch

Slip - move the stitch from the left needle to the right needle without knitting a new stitch into it.

Swatch - a small test project that you knit before you start the whole project to test that the size and dimensions are what you wanted.