Mike Miller

Mike Miller is an American basketball player named to the national team. Miller currently plays guard/forward for the Memphis Grizzlies. Mike Miller
Florida: Miller shined for the Gators from 1998-2000 and led them to their first national championship appearance. He led the Gators in scoring both his freshman and sophomore year. His shot in the NCAA tournament against Butler with seconds remaining will always be considered his golden moment as a Gator. Miller left school as a sophomore and was drafted fifth by the Orlando Magic in 2000.
Past Olympics: This would be Miller’s first Olympic appearance.
Road to Beijing: Miller has had an incredible NBA career so far that led to his selection to the team. He was crowned Rookie of the Year in 2001. Miller made history on January 3, 2007 becoming the first Grizzlie to make nine 3-pointers in a game. He was already on a three point tear hitting seven in his previous two games. Miller became the only player in the NBA since 1996 to sink seven 3-pointers in three games. After the season, Miller was named to the “Dream Team.”