Satchel's Pizza

Satchel's Postcard

Satchel’s Pizza offers delicious food and a unique dining experience. The locally owned pizzeria is hidden away in the laidback Eastside part of town. Far removed from the UF campus and college student hangouts, Satchel’s is a haven for locals looking for quality pizza in an intimate setting.

The restaurant is small. If you go during the typical restaurant hours expect to wait to get a table. Luckily, a funky gift shop is attached to Satchel's that is filled with interesting little trinkets, toys, and souvenirs. You will get lost in the maze of interesting things for sale and forget you are even waiting.

Satchel’s is a pizza joint, plain and simple. There is not a wide variety of dishes to choose from. In fact, you will probably spend more time reading the interesting anecdotes on the back of the menu than figuring out what you are going to order.

For the main course, you have the option of either ordering pizza or a calzone. The pizza comes in two varieties; the standard New York style and the sometimes available Chicago Deep Dish style. Their New York style pizza is simply unbeatable.

If you want to enjoy something before you dive into the main course, the Satch Salad is your only option. But, what a great choice it is. The salad is composed of an interesting array of ingredients. These include apple pieces, almonds, sunflower seeds, and a walnut for good luck. The delicious house vinaigrette is the dressing of choice.

The service is sometimes slow, due to an abnormally smalll kitchen. You can expect to wait up to 45 minutes during peak hours for your pizza to arrive, as it says on the menu. The wait is worth it though, as the pizza is consistently cooked just right.

If you are lucky and seating is available, you can dine in the converted Ford Falcon van that sits right out front. Satchel's sometimes offers live music. For a dining experience that is anything but ordinary, try Satchel's Pizza.

If you're interested in visiting Satchel's, it is located at 1800 NE 23rd Avenue on the Eastside.


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