The Basics

The only real difference between a fixed-gear and a regular road bike is the back wheel. Therefore, if you have a road bike, the conversion is very simple.

The easiest way to switch is to just buy a new back wheel that has a threaded hub, get a cog to screw on the hub and buy a lock ring to secure the cog to the hub.


Most of the time you will have to buy a wheel set, however, and these can cost anywhere from less than $100 to $650

Cogs can also range in price from $10 to $120 if you want the best of the best. Lock rings can cost up to $20.


The most important thing to remember when building a fixed-gear bike is to make it yours.

Spray paint the frame, chop the handlebars until they look like antlers, maybe even wrap your seat in leather.

A good place to start when looking for inspiration is This site has sections with a few bikes featured daily. This is also a great site to witness the obsession and excitement of riders. Contributors love talking about the history of their bike and each modification they made in detail. Sometimes it's almost like they're talking about their children.


Threaded hub

This is a picture of a threaded hub that is empty. A lot of companies sell wheels that have a reversible hub. One side will be for a freewheel and one side for a fixed, so the rider can just flip the wheel to change preferences.

Cog and lock ring

This is a picture of a cog (the one with the teeth) and lock ring. The cog simply screws on to the hub, and the lock ring screws on top of the cog to keep it in place.