Dive Sites in West Palm, Florida

JND Scuba primarily takes students to Pompano for checkout dives in Open Water and Advanced certifications. We are gradually making West Palm a place to dive as well. sea turtle Until then, we will occasionally take groups to dive there. On December 31, New Year's Eve, we will be going to West Palm for dives. Depending on who signs up for the trip, we will do Open Water or Advanced level dives. The following dives are possible dives for this day.

Flower Garden

The Flower Gardens have a shallow ledge that contains an outside and inside ledge drop. Many forms of sea life inhabit the inside ledge, while the outside ledge has fewer fish but is deeper. Marine life includes sponges, corals and schools of grunts. Because of the ledges, many young fish inhabit this area and it is easiest to see them on sunny days.


The Breakers

The Breakers is the former location of a 7-foot statue of King Neptune. It is covered with a shallow reef, ledges, and swim-throughs, a few rarities for being three miles north of the inlet. Here, divers will experience both hard and soft corals and many types of marine life.


Governor's Walk

Governor's Walk is West Palm's newest wreck site. It consists of wrecks Shasha Boekanier, Gilbert Sea and the St. Jacques, which were part of a U.S. Customs drug bust in 2004 and were sunk in February and March of 2002. Already, schools of fish can be seen around the new coral that has formed in the wrecks.



The Mercedes is a famous 198-foot freighter that was beached in a 1984 storm and then sunk in 1985. The ship is broken in half and sitting on top of reef. It is part of a triangle of wrecks that are within a half mile of each other. The Mercedes is to the south, the Jay Scutti to the west, the rebel to the north and Jim Atria in the center.


Princess Anne

The Princess Anne, a 350-foot ferry, was sunk in 1993. It was once used to transport people and automobiles across the Chesapeake Bay, but now is one of the best wreck dives in the U.S. When storms pushed the upper deck west, the width of the site doubled. The dive is great for wreck-certified divers who can explore the open rooms intact staircases and other parts of the ship. A beautiful reef system surrounds the wreck, with schools of jack, barracuda, and occasional sharks.


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