This site was created entirely in Microsoft Notepad. I edited pictures, created the photo collage banner and designed the homepage text in Photoshop. All of my research was done on the web.

Sites An organization of former stewardesses and flight attendants from National Airlines (additionally a source for several pictures) United Airline's history Web site Stewardess uniform collection Info on the history, mystique and eligibility of flight attendants Web site of the book by the same name (the quote from the Des Moines "Register" can be found in the pop culture section) Details on the history and roles of flight attendants

The Original Eight: Genesis of the Modern Day of Flight Attendants Article written by Matthew C. Keegan A good source of basic information to get started PSA's historical Web site (additionally a source for several pictures)


The picture of Ellen Church came from

The picture of the Original Eight is courtesy of Boeing

The sketch of the TWA air hostess can be found here

The image of the uniform helmet was used under Creative Commons licensing by Flickr user hoggardb

All other images were used from the blog The albums I took photos from were Glamour of Flight and Vintage Stewardess Photos

I e-mailed the blogger to find out more details about the sources and received the following sites in reply: