The 2007 Cincinnati Reds

April: A New Season

Opening day is close to being a holy day in Cincinnati. Schools and businesses close and the city heads south to watch the parade that's final destination is center field. Typically, at least recently, Opening Day is one of the few games that Cincinnati sells out the ballpark. This year, the parade's marshal is former Red, Eric Davis. Opening Day 2007 would be one of the high points of the year.

If not the year, than certainly the month. Reds fans hate Cubs fans. They infest the stadium when in town. Opening day, the rodent-like Cubs fans witnessed a 5-1 beat down behind a strong seven innings from starter Aaron Harang and two Adam Dunn home runs.

By the end of the week, By the end of the week the Reds are 4-1. Reds fans rejoice. This is the year. After so many losing seasons, maybe this is the year. The year of the Red. Fans think things like this after a hot start. Especially a hot start to a town as victory starved as the Queen City. The Bengals are always bad. The Unversity of Cincinnati Teams are always bad. And recently, the Reds have been bad.

What goes up must come down. Trouble is on the horizon. The baseball gods have a way of punishing even the smallest rise in expectations. The Redlegs will lose four of the next six. The Redlegs will follow that with six wins in the next 14 games.

It, of course, is not the year of the Red.

Take the good with the bad

Despite the struggles that came with April, there were positive signs.

Aaron Harang was 4-0 on the month.

Adam Dunn hit six homeruns and is striking out considerably less than in previous seasons.

But the negatives outweigh the positives. The bullpen is bad. Historically bad. Outside of Harang, the starters are bad also. Broson Arroyo started slow. Matt Belisle looks like he may not be ready for the majors yet. And suprising exactly no one, Eric Milton is giving up the longball frequently. The defense was shaky and the offense was inconsistent.

However, despite being one game under .500, in the terrible N.L. Central, the Reds are in second place, only 3.5 games behind the Brewers.

April: 12-13

2nd place, 3.5 games back