The 2007 Cincinnati Reds

The Aftermath: Busy offseason

In the end, I suppose 2007 was a lot like 2006. And 2005 for that matter. Inconsistent.

But there is reason to believe that things will be changing for the better, begining in 2008. Owner Robert Castinelli has decided to open the pocket book and start throwing around some serious cash. It appears that Cincinnati is no longer the poor team on the river.

The winter meetings start next week. Usually they are a hot bed of activity. Free agent signings, trades, you name it. But this year Christmas came early for Reds fans. The Reds had the worst relief pitching they have ever had in 2007, so Castinelli went shopping. From the Brewers, he signed free agent closer Fransico Cordero, just two years removed from an All-Star Game appearance.

To get some big-game managerial experience, he signed former Cubs and Giants manager Dusty Baker. Both signings were expensive, something relativley new to reds fans.

Along with Dunn and Griffey in the outfield, Cincinnati has a young super-prospect, Jay Bruce, ready to test his mettle in the big leagues.

Homer Bailey should be ready to be a full-time major league starter when the season rolls around.

There are plenty of reasons for Reds fans to be excited about the future.