About the Website

This website was created for a University of Florida class called "Communication on the Internet and Survey of Electronic Publishing" in the Fall semester of 2007. It is meant to inform and educate sushi lovers, chefs, business people and anybody interested in sushi.

It provides general information with background, illustrations and instructions. Since sushi is not just a food but a culture and an art, the website cannot cover everything. For that reason, it includes links to other helpful websites for more specific information.

About the Author

Marvin Halelamien began eating sushi in high school and has frequented sushi restaurants ever since. What attracts him to sushi is the artistry and the process. The food is a presentation.

Its elegant simplicity accentuates the flavors. It takes time to truly enjoy each bite-sized piece.

Halelamien's professional focus is photojournalism and will graduate in December 2007. He provided the artwork for the header at the top of each page. He is available for photography work.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact him at gomarv@ufl.edu