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Fontainebleau Renovations

A $1 billion renovation of Morris Lapidus' famous mid-beach hotel is scheduled for completion in July 2008. Developer Jeffrey Soffer, CEO of Turnberry Associates, bought the hotel from developer Stephen Muss in 2005. Just months before the final transaction, Soffer promised at least $150 million dollars to update the Fontainebleau with a Las Vegas feel by adding nightlife, restaurants and entertainment, the The Miami Herald reported on February 14, 2005. (accessed 11.22.07 on

The Fontainebleau poolscape under construction in October 2007

The hotel's signature elements will be preserved. The bow-tie marble floor, staircase to nowhere and the columns in the lobby will remain. Linda Villanova, account executive with O'Connell and Goldberg, said the original cheesewall facade and the original Versailles and Chateau buildings will also be preserved. Architectural firm Jeffrey Beers International is updating the hotel with custom designed furniture and lighting fixtures.

"The owners wanted to recreate this legendary resort that was once the place to see and be seen," Villanova said. "To reinvent it with a modern twist."

A whole new poolscape will include more than 20 small dipping pools and an adapted, free-form version of the Lapidus bow-tie design. A new two-story spa will offer traditional European water healing treatments, relaxation areas, a boutique and fitness center, according to a press release on the Fontainebleau Web site.

Hotel planners are collaborating with the local historic preservation board, which is "totally on board" with the project, to ensure the building's history is preserved, Villanova said. Both the Fontainebleau and Eden Roc hotels are not designated historic sites and are not in local historic districts. Therefore, hotel owners are not required to seek permits from the Historic Preservation Board for approval.

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