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space age elements

concrete canopies
floating stairs

What makes it MiMo?

Concrete Canopies

A concrete canopy covers the entranceway of the Deauville Hotel

Luxurious Hollywood glamour inspired the modern-minded architects later branded as MiMo's creators. Concrete canopies were minimalist, asymmetrical and extended from the hotel's front door to the street. Every patron was promised a movie-star entrance.

Canopies shelter the entranceways to the Shelbourne, Fontainebleau, Casablanca, Sherry Frontenac, and the Raddison-Deauville hotels pictured here.

Floating Staircases

A concrete staircase on this South Beach apartment complex appears to be floating alongside the building.

A fascination with futuristic elements also accounts for the construction of stairs that appear to exist separately from buildings.

These floating stairs usually lack handrails and risers that support each step from underneath. MiMo architecture appeared to stand effortlessly with elements that defied conventional engineering.

Lettering on Signage

Scripted lettering atop the Casablanca's canopy entranceway

Rounded script on MiMo buildings captured the carefree optimism of the 1950s in Miami Beach. The curved typeface pictured here appears on top of the Casablanca's concrete canopy driveway, but the signage typefaces varied among MiMo buildings.

The Shelbourne and Delano hotels boast a bold sans-serif font, while the Sherry Frontenac's gothic ornamental lettering that runs vertically along the building's facade contrasts sharply with the Casablanca's airy script.