Probing MiMo

Over the remnants of delicious pizza at Andiamo's, a former tire showroom designed by Robert Law Weed
This Web site was created for a course at the University of Florida called Communication on the Internet taught by David Carlson.

My interest in MiMo architecture was a long time coming. I was born in North Miami, where I lived until moved to Gainesville, Fla., for college. I grew up surrounded by Spanish tile, keystone, stucco and cantilevers. I knew it was swanky, but I didn't realize it was unique until I left.

My mother was born in 1943 and predated MiMo by a scant few years. But, as the only daughter of a Navy cook, she was raised in a post-war South Florida landscape influenced by scientific progress and Hollywood glamour.

In the late 1970s, my mother and her three brothers opened Lion's Share, a restaurant and lounge, until it was sold a few years after I was born in 1985. Before my senior year of college, I leafed through old photos and realized the tiny, triangular restaurant on West Dixie Highway where I spent the first two years of my life had the same angular lines, glass panes, and asymmetrical signs as the goofy, whimsical buildings on South Beach. I was connected to this history.

I created this site with a renewed appreciation for Dade County's buildings. I hope others will see Miami Beach with fresh eyes after years of inattention.