Religion at UF

The University of Florida has numerous student organizations that are devoted to providing faith-based programming for students. Many of the organizations are funded by UF's student government and host events throughout the semester for students to learn and participate. A few of the more prominent organizations on campus include Islam on Campus, Christians on Campus and Hindu Students Council.

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Islam on Campus

Islam on Campus is an organization founded by Muslim students at the University of Florida. The goals of the organization is "to serve the best interest of Islam and of the Muslim students at UF." Some of the organization's goals include increasing awareness of Islam among the students of the University of Florida, providing assistance in religious social adjustment to incoming and presently enrolled Muslim students and conduct social, cultural, religious activities and other events in accordance wiht the traditions of Islam. Within this community of students, Islam on Campus strives to exemplify the words "learn, practice and share." There are two Islamic centers in Gainesville for students to practice the principles of the religion.

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Christians on Campus

Christians on Campus is an organization focused on enjoying Christ and God's word. Members of COC find purpose in the organization as they pursue the Lord Jesus Christ with other college students. The organization is open for all students to join. Throughout the semester, there are several opportunities for learning and spiritual growth for all students. There are opportunities for intimate encounters through small groups conisisting of two or more during the week at different times according to the student's schedule. Bible study is held every week in the Reitz Union and families within Gainesville host students for dinner at their homes. On Saturday nights a dinner and fellowship is hosted so that students can sing and study the Bible. For further growth, conferences and outings are also held at various locations so that students can "seek Christ in His Word with many students from around the Southeast."

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Hindu Student Council

The Hindu Student Council is a worldwide organization that was organized in 1990.The Hindu Student Council has been in existence at the Universtiy of Florida for the past 11 years. It wsa founded by Hindu students and faculty interested in "exploring their unique religious identity." The organization allows for students to explore this identity through a variety of activtities designed so that students can think about important issues of culture, gain insight on the contemporary implications of the Hindu Student Council's unique heritage and learn how to enjoy the heritage in the company of others. The Hindu Students Council hosts events such as meetings and socials to inform and entertain its members. Weekly discussions are held focusing on different topics about Hindu culture. The organization also hosts a Hindu Heritage Month in February.