Gasson Hall at Boston College

Private Vs. Public Colleges

When making your list of potential colleges and universities, you probably don't want to restrict it to either private or public schools. Instead, you should seek out schools that best satisfy your list of criteria. While cost may be an important consideration for you, don't let that entirely dictate your college choices at least initially.

Private Colleges

Private colleges are supported by tuition, endowment and donations from alumni and friends. In most cases, they are more expensive than public colleges, but it does depend on the particular school. However, private colleges usually offer the best financial aid. While attending a private school is supposed to mean less red tape and more personal attention than you'll find at a public school, it's important to look carefully at each individual college and to separate rumor from reality.

Public Colleges

Public colleges are largely supported by state funds. If you attend a public institution in your own state, you will get a discount on tuition costs and usually easier for you be admitted. However, if you attend a public college in a different state, you will usually not get those benefits.