What is a moon sign?

In addition to a person's sun sign, there is also a person's moon sign that comes into play. The sun sign (the position the sun was in on the date of birth) usually says much about a person's character. The moon sign (the position the moon was in on the date of birth) deals mainly with a person's emotional needs and predisposition.

In order to better understand someone, both their sun and moon sign should be taken into account. When using both the sun and moon sign together, you will get a more accurate representation of a person's characteristics.


Psychologist Dr. Carl Jung revealed the importance of the sun and moon combination in 1930. His research dealt mainly with the sun and moon configurations of married people. He found that three strongest connections were:

1. The moon in the same sign as another person's sun sign

2. The moon in compatibility with another person's sun sign

3. The moon in the other person's Ascendant (determined by time of birth)*

What's my moon sign?

In order to find your moon sign, visit The Orderly Fashionable Experience and enter your birth year. You may be surprised to find how similar you are to the characteristics of your moon sign.

*found in The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds