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Uses & Gratifications Theory

Uses and gratifications is a mass media theory that can be explained in several ways. The concept is basically concerned with "what people do and can be brought to do with mass communication may largely determine what mass communication does and can be brought to do to people" (Klapper, 1963).

Katz, Blumler, and Gurevitch (1974) describe the concept as one that is concerned with "the social and psychological origins of needs, which generate expectations of the mass media or other sources, which lead to differential patterns of media exposure (or engagement in other activities), resulting in need gratifications and other consequences, perhaps mostly unintended ones."

Finally, according to A.M. Rubin (2002), uses and gratifications is a perspective that centers around the audience. This is to say that different individuals will seek out mass media for different reasons, depending on individual characteristics such as social and psychological circumstances.

That being said, social networking sites have many different uses for many different people. These individual uses then serve to shape the gratification different individuals might experience from the use of such sites.

User Interviews

Frances Rivera, University of Florida Student

Frances Rivera, College Student

Johnny Burkowski, Florida International University Graduate Student & Teacher

Johnny Burkowski, Graduate Student & Teacher

Randolph Hawkins, Commercial Asset Manager

Randolph Hawkins, Commercial Asset Manager

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