Fall 2007 student projects

MMC 3260

Alisha Bhimani: The Zodiac

Tim Casamassa: The Internet and investing

Austin Cole: University of Florida athletic facilities

Jazmin Cuencas: Learn to swim

Melissa Del Valle: A page on ballet

Lydia Fernandez: Asian horror mania

Margaret Francois: Hip hop fashion

Ashley Furrow: Boston: The prefect college city

Samuel Green: The UF religious experience

Ashton Grosz: Preserving Miami modern architecture

Marvin Halelamien: How to make, eat and enjoy sushi

Chris Hayes: Firefox power tools for college students

Gene Hoskins: The 2007 Cincinnati Reds

Tim Hussin: A sponge's journey: From the Bahamas to Florida

Jennifer Keil: Sky girls: Female flight attendants in the mid-20th Century

Anjalee Khemlani: South Indian classical dance

Rachel Kirby: The perfect holiday party

Susan Martinez: Espresso as a lifestyle among Hispanic Americans

Jessica McHugh: Dive away

Emily Moorhouse: Everything teen magazines

Will Pafford: Bikes without brakes

Sal Picataggio: Flash mobs

Justin Robbins: Nine fun things to do in Gainesville before you graduate

Rachel Robins: Gator olympians

Nicole Safker: Knitting for novices

Noel Sanchez: Graffiti: Art through vandalism

Megan Schaub: Florida duck hunting

Kelly Sereikas: Rock climbing for beginners

Marisa Spyker: The Florida Beer Drinker's Association

Alex Stern: Area 51


MMC 5015

Sonia Acosta: Social networking sites and our world

Mark Caramanica: Gibsonton, Fla.: Showtown

Meredith Cochie: Facebook cleanup

Donte Ford: Diet watch

Kate Kennedy: Debutante balls

Shannon McAleenan: Genetically Modified Organisms: The great debate

Gordon Van Owen: Orlando's downtown development

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