H.R. Haldeman

Known as "The Brush" because of his characteristic flat top haircut, Haldeman was both Whitehouse Chief of Staff and a close friend to President Nixon. In one phone conversation between the two, Nixon reportedly said to Haldeman "I love you, as you know, like a brother."

Haldeman is known as the second most powerful man in government during Nixon's first term. The mysterious 18 minute gap in Nixon's Oval Office recordings happened during a conversation between Nixon and Haldeman.

Haldeman was sentenced to a maximum of 25 years in prison and $16,000 in fines. In 1975, he was convicted of conspiracy and obstruction of justice. He received an 18-month prison sentence.

After serving time in prison, he found success as a real estate developer. In 1978, his book "The Ends of Power" was published, in which he took responsibility fostering the atmosphere in which Watergate flourished. He also alleged that the CIA hid facts during the trial that could prove damaging to the agency, including details about the Kennedy assassination.