The Committee to Re-elect the President

Nixon Forms the CRP

The Committee to Re-elect the President, abbreviated as CRP, later nicknamed CREEP, was a fund-raising organization for President Nixon's 1972 election campaign. Many of its members were later indicted with criminal charges relating to their actions within the CRP.

The members of the Committee to Re-elect the President were:

Kenneth H. Dahlberg - Campaign Midwest Finance Chairman

E. Howard Hunt - Campaign member

Fred LaRue - Campaign Political Operative

G. Gordon Liddy - Campaign member

Jeb Stuart Magruder - Campaign Manager

James W. McCord - Campaign Security Coordinator

John N. Mitchell - Campaign Director

Donald Segretti - Campaign Political Operative

Hugh W. Sloan, Jr. - Campaign Treasurer

Maurice Stans - Campaign Finance Chairman

"Dirty Tricks"

Donald Segretti was in charge of the many "dirty tricks" carried out by the CRP. These acts included the break-in to Nixon critic Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office, the FBI investigation of CBS reporter Daniel Schorr, and plans by G. Gordon Liddy to have newspaper columnist Jack Anderson assassinated.

CRP funds amounting to $500,000 were used to pay lawyer's fees for the five Watergate burglars. When discovered, this linked the crime back to the White House, igniting a huge political scandal.