"In the beginning, God created..."

When one thinks of the Fedora, it is probably a safe bet the one place that pops up in his or her head wouldn't be Russia. You read correctly, Russia.

In response to the assassination of Tsar Alexander II of Russia, French dramatist Victorien Sardou wrote the play Fedora in 1882.

The play was made into an opera in Italian 10 years later by Umberto Giordano.It was also called Fedora. The character "Fedora" - Princess Fedora Romazova - was the name of the princess in the play, who wore this or a similar style of hat.

Since then it has taken off in both Europe and the Unites States.

Up until the 40s and 50s especially, the Fedora was seen in a great deal of film and advertising. The same was the case in Europe, except they called it a "Trilby" over there, and it had a slight difference in style.

The Fedora's popularity waned around the 60s and all the way up into the 80s, but then reemerged in the early 90s as it entered into the realm of rap and rock.

Today, many avid fans of the hat - and of the vintage style - will find almost any occasion to sport this hat in public.

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