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"Hey Mister! Don't Forget your hat!"

Watch yourself now, or you may just find yourself buying the wrong hat!


Porkpie: This one is more flat on top and rounder around the rim. There is no bend or crease in the hat like the fedora. In this picture, the Porkpie is on the right.


Top Hat:The top hat is flat on the top like the Porkpie, but it is more cubical in its diameter.


Panama Hat: From my native land. The Panama hat looks very similar to the Fedora, but it is made of a natural, straw-like texture. Also, it is usually either white or beige. It is not in any other color.


Straw Hat: This one also looks very similar to the Fedora, especially with the crease in the middle. Like the Panama Hat, however, it is of a different and more natural texture. Also, like the Panama Hat, it is either in beige or white.


Trilby: This one you have to be especially careful with, especially if you are specifically looking for a Fedora. This is the European version of the Fedora, and even though it looks quite similar, its crease is further higher in on the hat as opposed to toward the front like the Fedora. If you end up getting this one, it's not the end of the world. It technically is still a Fedora.

The number one place to purchase any of these hats is online. It is not often that you find a store or shop that will specialize in these hats.

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