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"Hey Mister! Don't Forget your hat!"

The following are excerpts taken from an interview that was done through e-mail to a young and avid Fedora wearing gentleman. His name is ADAM ELENBAAS, and I contacted him via "The Fedora Lounge," a forum and medium for all fans of the hat to connect. I use Mr. Elenbass to explain the basic do's and don'ts of wearing the Fedora.

To give you a little background on myself...I'm in my mid-20s but have always loved the look of fedoras (and the style, movies, etc of the Golden Era). I began wearing a fedora earlier this year.

Many of the members at the Fedora Lounge are very into vintage attire. I love the Golden Era, but I don't wear vintage clothing (with the exception of a couple of my hats. Vintage hats are much higher in quality than newer hats). Anyway, I dress with more of a Golden Era style: tucked in shirt, topcoat over by dressier clothes, polished shoes, well-fitting clothes (no baggy or ripped clothing), occasional cuff links, etc. My wardrobe is all very modern. As I mentioned before my fedoras are the only vintage clothing I wear.

My reason for wearing hats is actually quite practical. I wear a felt fedora with a London Fog "trench" style jacket when it is raining. It keeps me dry when everyone around me is running in and out of buildings trying to dodge the rain. I also wear a felt fedora in the winter, usually with a wool 3/4 length "car" coat. I tend not to wear hats in the summer because of the heat. Many people wear straw hats to keep the sun off their balding heads, but I still have a full head of hair, so I don't.

I love the style of the hats, and combined with the practicality I don't understand why more people don't wear them. Actually, I do partially understand...our generation tends to be a bunch of slobs. But I'm not one to stereotype...I'm the weird guy in the hat!

I wear my fedoras mostly when the weather dictates it. I also like to wear them when I am more dressed up like for church, often for work (I'm an engineer), or going to the theatre/concerts.

My hat comes off in peoples' home or offices, at church, and in federal buildings. It stays on in many other indoor locations such as shopping malls. I ALWAYS remove my hat for the National Anthem and during parades when the flag passes by.

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