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A Theme is an essential part of a great party. The Theme can be about the person throwing the party or the person the party is thrown for, such as something that person is interested in or the color scheme can reflect their favorite colors. Other themes can add ambiance and elegance to an event such as a Winter Wonderland or MId Summers Night Dream theme. Another way to go about a theme is a dress-up party where attendees are asked to dress in costume.

FUN THEMES-sports, theater, music, tv shows, movies, the red carpet, hawaii, the tropics, winter wonderland, a midsummer's night dream, costume party, super heroes, western. mardi gras, casino night, disney, toga, disco, groovy 60's, moonlight in paris, under the sea, arabian nights

this is a paris theme party

DRESS-UP THEMES-80'S, 70'S, 60'S, SOCK-HOP, christmas in july, doctors and nurses, CEO's and secretaries, pirates,anything but clothes (guests are instructed to come wearing creative outfits made of anything but everyday clothing), red, yellow, green party( guests are instructed if they are in a relationship or married to wear red, iffy on the status to wear yellow, and if they are single and ready to mingle to wear green) blue collar workers, famous characters, cartoon characters, Saturday Night Live characters, sports players, movie stars

While some themes are purely decorated by the costumes and creativity of the guests, other themes rely on pure decoration to portray the theme. Flowers, balloons, and center pieces are crucial in decorating a venue. Gift bags and invitations can also go with the theme. Food and beverages can also add to the theme such as margaritas for a tropical theme or greek food at a toga theme party,




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arabian nights


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