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Personalizing your party is a great way to make your event your own. Add your personal style, flair, culture, and personality to your party.

1. On the invitations, you can add a symbol that means something to you. If it is for a wedding, perhaps have a symbol of somewhere you both visited, or a hobby that both of you participate in. If is a party for you or someone else, have a personally designed monogram or a symbol of a special interest at the top of the invitation.

2. Add a theme that means something to you! Decorate the room with something that shows your personality and style.

3. The flowers can be your birth flowers. If it is a wedding, you can intertwine both of your birth flowers. (January=Carnation; February=Violet; March=Jonquil; April=Sweet Pea; May=Lily of the Valley; June=Rose; July=Larkspur; August=Gladiolus; September=Aster; October=Calendula; November=Chrysanthemum; December=Narcissus)

4. Incorporate your culture and heritage somehow in the event. Either celebrate some sort of tradition unique to your culture, add an ethnic dish or drink, or dance to a song from your heritage.

5. Personalize your deserts!!!! Have your monogram written on top of the cake or on each individual dessert. This is a really fun way to go about adding your style to your wedding.

6. Make your gift bags your own! Bottle the flower that was most prevalent in your party into perfume bottles for your guests. If you are going for a more fun and youthful approach get t-shirts printed or give out mix cds of your favorite songs for your guests.





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