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Food is a great way to impress your guests and make the party more fun! Here are some ideas that will make your party special!

1. Chocolate fountain: Have a chocolate or white chocolate fountain and then allow guests to dip fruits, marshmallows, graham crackers, and cookies into the fountain. This not only is fun and tastes great but the fountains add a touch of elegance and glamour to the party as well.

2. Bring back the kid in you! Have a cotton candy machine or a make your own sundae bar. Not only will kids love this, adults love it as well!

3. Add culture to your party! Have a sushi bar or a tapas bar.It adds a touch of ethnic flair and class to your party.

4. Have food pertaining to your heritage. Guests love to try something new, family will be excited that you are honoring your culture, and it makes the party more personalized.

5. Have lots of finger foods! Finger foods at the start of the party allow guests to mingle and enjoy some of their favorite foods!

6. Make the food go with your theme. Add food and beverages that pertain to your particular themes. If it is a sports theme, have miniature hotdogs or if its the tropics, have margaritas.







chocolate fountain!

sushi bar

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