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A budget is a crucial part in planning an event. Before plans for an event can be carried out, it is essential that a budget is carefully considered. Think about the minimum and maximum amounts you are willing and able to spend. Consider this checklist when putting aside money for your event-EVERYTHING ADSS UP!


How many guests do I estimate will attend this event?-always plan for more then less.

Venue: Where will you hold the event? Does catering come with venue? Insurance?

Catering-Will it have alcohol and if so open bar or cash bar? Is there a cocktail party before the main event? Will it be buffet style or will you hire servers to work the event?

Entertainment:Live band or DJ? Is there going to be some sort of performance or even an activity for the guests to participate in?

Decorations and Invitations: Flowers, balloons and centerpiece decorations can be expensive. Try to come up with some creative ways to decorate your party that might be less expensive than traditional ways. Will you order or make the invitations. Rememeber postage when planning your budget.

Photographers and Video-How many pictures will you order? How many videos will you customize?

Gift bags: Will you have a gift for guests to take home?

Remember this is just the essentials! Allow room for things like insurance, room cleanup, and little surprises that might show up along the way!-Listen to Avoid a Budget Blowout to steer clear of going over your budget!!!








How to plan a great party on a budget!!!

These are some great tips on how to plan an event inexpensively.

1. You can make your centerpieces yourself!!!-Make a beautiful wild garden theme centerpiece by putting vibrant colored flowers in the middle of the tables. You can also go for a romantic theme by purchasing some cheap candles and adding rose petals to the table.

this a table decoration

2. You can save on photography by placing disposable cameras on each table. This way you do not have to pay a photographer to take stiff pictures of the party, and your guests can participate in the big day! This is a great way to save money and get fun pictures at the same time!

3. Instead of having a band, go for a DJ. Often college students will DJ events for low prices and are eager to please for the experience and references. You can also create mixes before the party and not have a DJ at all.

4. Instead of having a cake, have cupcakes and make them fun and pertain to you.

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