Q: What might some adverse effects of CC licenses be?

A: Well one sort of thing that's bad about Creative Commons is in some cases it adds complexity, because its not just there is a Creative Commons license, the license comes with a whole suite of options.

There is By, which is attribution, 'you have to say where you got this work from, you got this work from me, cause I'm the original author.' Then there is Share Alike which means that any derivative work has to be under the exact same license and there is No Derivative which means you can share it, but you cant make derivative work.

So mixing and matching all those options results in a huge amount of licenses you can have, which is good because it gives artists choices, which is the whole point of Creative Commons, but its bad because you can say 'oh this is CC,' and people think they can change it, but that's not part of the actual license. So the complexity is bad but its a trade-off between options and complexity.


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