The prominence of Creative Commons licensing in Gainesville is not what one would expect. At a major research university, full copyright is still the standard way to protect the work contributed to society by academics.

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Instead of sharing music under a Creative Commons license, many bands are listed on Myspace or have clips on their websites. New bands don't always get a lot of promotion, so it would make sense to start out by allowing people to listen to and share their music for free.

Read the transcript of an interview with Gavin Baker, president of the Florida Free Culture group at the University of Florida.

Nile Li is the vice-president of FFC, and he explains how Creative Commons licenses are used by students. Listen to an audio clip of his interview.

Learn about Grooveshark, a music-sharing community under a Creative Commons license that will go live in Fall of 2007.

Laurie Taylor has a Ph.D. in English from the University of Florida, specializing in Digital Media. She explains the potential effect on the perception of intellectual property.

See other examples of Creative Commons use at the University of Florida.