Creative Commons Gainesville is an experiment in the development and production of online journalism.

An article on the Internet should not resemble an article in print. This is a completely different medium. They didn't teach us how to write with sound, pictures and video in school.

Ultimately, this is an experiment in storytelling. Using multimedia and non-linear storytelling, can I achieve the goal of producing a successful article for the Internet rather than shovelling a print article onto a Web site?

It is also an assignment for my Communication on the Internet class at the University of Florida, where I am a junior majoring in journalism and linguistics.

The goal was to design and write a Web site and article using the techniques and styles best suited to the medium of the Internet.

I chose Creative Commons as my subject because of its relevance to a world in which everything is online, and if it is online, it can be taken, often to the detriment of creator/user relationships.


Megan Taylor