"...one of the boldest reconfigurations of Catholic theology in centuries...a kind theological time-bomb set to go off with dramatic consequences...perhaps in the twenty-first century." (George Weigel)

In a nutshell:

What does " theology of the body" mean anyways?

Theology : the study of God

Body : umm...the thing you are sitting in

All together: the study of God through the thing you are sitting in!

Stick around to find out what that means...

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It's time for a new revolution...

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...are you sick of broken relationships? Being bombarded by a society that tells you to use others and let other use you? The lies of "freedom" the sexual revolution promised us? Then fight back, with the new sexual revolution...

And get ready to take a redemptive journey through Pope John Paul II's (JPII) Theology of the Body (affectionately known as TOB). This is the answer to your prayers, the answer to all the questions you have been asking deep in your heart:

"Is there more to being human than just living and dying? Am I meant to be more than just an object for someone else's pleasure? Will I really find the true love my heart is searching for?"

Right...So what is this "new revolution"?

Theology of the Body is the name of the collection of 129 general audiences that JPII gave over a period of five years at the beginning of his pontificate. Scripturally-based, it is a reflection on what it means to be created man and woman in God's image, what the body reveals about God, and the meaning and purpose of human sexuality and desire.

It emphasizes the essential importance of the body in revealing God's very nature and divine mystery. It's a refreshing look at how Christianity does not reject the body as "bad" or sexual desire as "sinful," but rather how both the body and sexual desire are a gift from God given to man to lead us to Him and true freedom.

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