Nile Crocodile

When people think of the great hunters of the Serengeti, Lion's, Leopards and Cheetahs are usually the first carnovores to come to their minds. On the contrary, there are plenty of other predators who share the same hunting territories and prey as their feline counterparts. Consequently, all these creatures often see each other as rivals in an ongoing predatory free-for-all.

Crocpdylus Niloticus

The Nile Crocodile is one of three species of Cocrodiles dwelling in Africa. It is also one of the largest. The giant cocodiles will not hesitate to devour trespassers who cross into their element and have even been known to snatch humans. Because of this they are close to vanishing in some countries. However, it's overall distribution has stabalized in recent years.

These Reptilian quadrapeds have four short spyed legs with powerful tails. They have one of the strongest jaws pressures on earth (3000 lb. per square inch). This is why it is so dangerous for migrating animals, like Zebra and Gnu who are forced to cross semi shallow rivers during the change of seasons. Once a crocodile feeds heartily (as when devouring a full Gnu carass, They will not need to eat again for the next six months.

By Marcel Raphael.
Voice over by Dr. Brian Child, associate professor of the Department of Geography in the University of Florida.
Copyright 2006.