Impala are light-footed antelopes which are quite common on the Serengeti. They are not the fastest entelopes of their kind, but they will often give any predator the run for there lives.

Aepyceros Melampus

Impala are a species of antelope exisiting in various regions of Africa, especially on the Serengeti Plain. They are a little taller than Thompsons Gazelle and slightly heavier. They can be easily identified by their brownish-red coats.

These grazing animals are preyed upon by nearly every large predator on the Serengeti plain (lions, heynas, leopards, cheetahs and even baboons). They are gregarios creatures who dwell in herds. An aplha male guards the herd against other intruding males. However, when the females are tired of a certain male they leave his territory in search of a new breeding partner. Herds can grow well into the hundreds. Some bachelors herds are also be observed.


By Marcel Raphael.
Voice over by Dr. Brian Child, associate professor of the Department of Geography in the University of Florida.
Copyright 2006.

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