Picture of a Wild Dog

African Wild Dogs

When people think of the great hunters of the Serengeti, Lion's, Leopards and Cheetahs are usually the first carnovores to come to their minds. On the contrary, there are plenty of other predators who share the same hunting territories and prey as their feline counterparts. Consequently, all these creatures often see each other as rivals in an ongoing predatory free-for-all.

Lycaon pictus

African Wild Dogs (also known as African Hunting Dogs, Cape Hunting Dogs or Painted Hunting Dogs) are another mamml from the family Canidae. They share some relation to the domestic dog. It is the only canid that lacks dewclaws on the forlimbs. They have a very slender build, which allows them them travel great distances in a pack. Thay have a peculiar yellow and black coat and find perfect camaflogue on the African Savannah.

Their diet can consit of anything from Zebra to Hyenas who are not apart of a pack. unlike most predators who typically go after the weaker prey, when African wild dogs go hunting they make it a point to choose the stongest member of a herd. They focus on their target and you strong team efforts to bring down their kill. Onnce on the ground the Carcass is devouired very quickly. The dogs then run back to their den and vommit the greater portion of tehir food so that their pups can be fed.

By Marcel Raphael.
Voice over by Dr. Brian Child, associate professor of the Department of Geography in the University of Florida.
Copyright 2006.