Picture of a Lion Chasing a Hyena

African Buffalo

African Buffalos, also known as "Cape Buffalos" are the bulwarks of the Serengeti. These formidable beast pose a threat to any predator who crosses their path, even commanding reverence from lion prides.

Syncerus Caffer

The African Buffalo (also known as "Cape Buffalo") is scientifically known as an bovid from the family "Bovidae". Females range from 10 to 15 cm shorter than the males and weigh in at 500 to 600 kg. Males stand 1.5 m high and weigh 680 kg, though on some occasions they may grow up to 1.7 meters high and 1000 kg in weight.

These bulwarks are easily one the most powerful creatures on the African plain (next to hippos, rhinos and elephants) requiring reverence even from the lions that pass their way. Besides humans they have few natural predators, large parties of lions being able to hunt lone individuals on some occassions. Leopards and Hyenas are only able to kill young calves, but even then they must face the wrath of the mother and the rest of the herd, who often come to each others defense. It is known as one one of the "Big Five" (a grouping of the top five carnivores and herbivores sought by hunters) and is considered one of the most dangerous animals on the African continent goring, trampling and killing several people annaully.

The main herd consisit of both sexes, with an aggressive alpha male defending the herd against intruders. Males can be identified by their thick horns. They are often called the "Boss". In other instances, males exist on there own, although lone bachelors may be observed.

By Marcel Raphael.
Voice over by Dr. Brian Child, associate professor of the Department of Geography in the University of Florida.
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