Events: A New Order

The New Economic Center of Jamaica

Up until the earthquake, Port Royal had been the nominal capital of Jamaica even though it was located off the mainland. It was where the majority of trade with other colonies took place.

The surviving merchants and tradesman decided Port Royal was not worth rebuilding when another port city, Kingston, was ripe for inhabiting. Kingston didn't have the easy accessibilty that Port Royal had, but its land was stable and it shared what is now Kingston Harbor with Port Royal.

Although another city, Spanish Town, became the capital of Jamaica, Kingston was always the center of trade for Jamaica.

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Changing Times

Slaves Working on A Plantation

Jamaica was no longer a frontier settlement at this point, Geggus said. Jamaica's economy was becoming centered around plantation agriculture, and the usefulness of the Buccaneers was diminishing rapidly. By the 18th Century, Jamaica was a full-fledged sugar colony.

The age of privateers freelancing through the Caribbean was over as colonial governments grew more stable and good relations between the British and its colonial counterparts improved, Geggus said.