The Port Royal Catastrophe

Events: Lawlessness and Revelry

The Seaport Lifestyle

When the Buccaneers arrived in Port Royal, they came and brought their wealth and lifestyle with them, Geggus said.

The Buccaneers would set sail, attack enemy ships and bring the loot back to the port, Geggus said. They were famous for their raids on Spanish ships, which translated into large amounts of silver. This influx of wealth expedited the port's development as a cosmopolitan center in the Caribean, Geggus said. The Buccaneers were lead by Henry Morgan, who was famous for his raids on Spanish colonies.

For more background on Henry Morgan view:Henry Morgan, Leader of the Bucaneers.

Fluezy House

The Buccaneers, like other West Indian whites at that time, drank a lot of alcohol, Geggus said. Along with prostitution, this heavy consumption of liquor was one of Port Royal's definitive aspects.

"Port Royal came to be known as the wickedest city on earth," Geggus said.

The Merchant Class

"The merchants were the movers and shakers in the growing colonial world," Geggus said.

Along with the British government, the merchant's were the Buccaneers' main supporters, Geggus said. They bought what the Buccaneers captured and shipped it back to Europe to make their profits. The governors in Jamaica were also heavily influenced by the merchants.