"Pirates": Overview
Pirate Picture

A Difference

It is important to point the distinction between Buccaneers and pirates. Even though the two are quite similar, the Buccaneers were supported by the British governent to plunder non-British ships while pirates were acted independantly, freelancing the Carribbean but at the risk of getting hanged at the gallows.

Pirate Hanging

The Buccaneers had set base in Tortuga, but were later invited to Jamaica to protect the island. Many Buccaneers accepted the invitation. They set their base at Port Royal. The Buccaneers were the catalyst for the port's fast growth. Fueled by their war booty, Port Royal was turned into an economic center in the Caribbean. Port Royal came to be known for its gaudy displays of wealth and revelry. Prostitution was rampant and drinking was done religiously.

The Buccaneers made Port Royal what it was, at its peak. Some might also say they were also the cause of its demise.

In their glory days, the Bucaneers were led by Captain Henry Morgan. He launched a series of daring attacks on Spanish colonies all around the Caribbean, the most note worthy of these being his attack on Panama.

The End of the Buccaneers

The 17th Century Caribbean had a political landscape that always shifting. At one point England and Spain are at war and the Buccaneers are given a blank check to pillage Spanish ships. Then, at another point, the span of a couple of years, the Spanish and the English sign a treaty ending their hostilities and the Buccaneers are in a sort of limbo until there days become numbered under their old leader, Henry Morgan.

Below, Calico Jack, and Blackbeard, are not Buccaneers but are note worthy as pirates with interesting stories who also came in contact with Port Royal.